The Most Rapid Growth of Imports Has Been Recorded in Kamchatka

The Most Rapid Growth of Imports Has Been Recorded in Kamchatka

According to an analysis conducted by the SeaNews agency, last year, the top 5 regions of Russia with the largest percentage increase in import value included Kamchatka Krai, Kurgan Region, Sakhalin Region, Khabarovsk Krai and Tambov Region.

The import of foreign goods into Kamchatka has grown 2.4 times, showing an increase of more than $177 million. The imports have increased primarily through the shipments made by sea: on ships, boats and floating structures. Krai’s main counterparty countries included Norway, Japan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the imports to Kurgan Region have grown by 55.6 percent (amounting to $127.5 million) and comprise primarily of wheat, pharmaceuticals and ferrous metals, mainly from China, Germany, as well as neighbouring Kazakhstan.

Sakhalin Oblast has imported $946.4 million worth of goods, which is a 31.1 percent growth compared to the year before last. Same as Kamchatka, the increase has been achieved primarily due to ships and floating structures from China, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

The region of the country with the largest increase in import value in absolute terms is Moscow. Over the past year, shipments to the capital have grown by $3.7 billion, reaching $107.2 billion. For comparison, the total imports of the Russian Federation have amounted to 241.3 billion dollars, which is 1.3 percent more that the year before last. Earlier, it has also been reported that positive import dynamics will impact the rouble exchange rate.

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