Aerated Concrete Production Lines are Promoted in International Market

Aerated Concrete Production Lines are Promoted in International Market

One of Russia’s largest manufacturers of production lines for aerated concrete, AltaiStroyMash (Barnaul), expands the export geography of its products. Director General Alexey Burdovitsyn told that they had signed a contract with a Dubai construction company, which will promote the Altai products in the Middle East and African markets.

In the near future, delegations from Uruguay, Cambodia, and Pakistan will visit Barnaul to discuss cooperation (the company’s official website also mentions possible partnerships with companies in India, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and some other countries). In addition, the Russian plant has already shipped a large line to Cyprus, where the local partner intends to obtain, at its own expense, an EU certificate for the Altai products with subsequent promotion in the EU market.

As noted, AltaiStroyMash exported about 40 per cent of its products in 2016 and this figure had already doubled by last year. Now the Barnaul company is focusing on delivering products to non-CIS countries. As previously reported, the Russian basalt reinforcing lattices, which are made based on the new technology, have great export potential.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development’s strategy to expand the export of construction services until 2025, the export volumes will increase by 6.1 per cent annually and will reach approximately seven and a half billion US dollars by 2024. In general, the volume of Russian exports of services amounted to USD 57.73 billion in 2017. The year before last, the construction accounted for 8.3 per cent or USD 4.8 billion in the sectoral structure of Russian exports of services.

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