Bananas Remain Staple in ‘Fruit Bowl’ of Russians

Bananas Remain Staple in ‘Fruit Bowl’ of Russians

Russian apples stand no chance of replacing imported tropical fruits, according to an article in The consumer price of bananas and citrus fruits keeps growing, but they remain the staple fruit for Russians, thanks to their lower cost.

According to statistics, the traditional ‘fruit bowl’ for our country includes oranges, tangerines, apples, and bananas. The leader fruit changes constantly, depending on a number of factors, primarily price and season.

At the moment, the most expensive fruits are apples, with the average price of RUB 106 throughout Russia (obviously, this factor presents an obstacle to replacing imported fruits). Despite the fact that their price per kilo has decreased compared with August last year, bananas still cost 43% less than apples this August, and oranges are 17% cheaper than apples. And the price of bananas has grown by 13.7% on average, to RUB 74 per kilo.

The main supplier of bananas to Russia is Ecuador, virtually the monopolist in this area of import. The decrease in shipments from Ecuador to Europe may indirectly influence the supply in the future. The EU is planning to turn to Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia for their banana needs. Some experts believe that the appearance of new market players can increase the supply to Russia. It was reported previously that the import of dairy products to Russia has also increased significantly.

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