Be-200 Amphibious Aircraft Has High Export Potential

Be-200 Amphibious Aircraft Has High Export Potential

As the United Aircraft Corporation reported on its website in the course of the air show at Le Bourget, the countries of Latin America and Southeast Asia are promising regions for promoting the Be-200. According to Yury Grudinin, Director General of IL PJSC, foreign customers are offered a complete solution, including a project for a hydro-airport and an after-sales service system together with the airplane.

An agreement was signed to expand the Be-200 fleet in Chile, as part of the air show. An agreement has been reached with Asesorias SVR Ltda. for the delivery of two more aircraft under the current contract for five amphibian aircraft. Deliveries to Chile are planned for 2020-2021. Negotiations were also held with Indian partners on the use of the Be-200 for passenger transportation. A memorandum of understanding has been signed with India.

The multi-purpose amphibious aircraft Be-200ChS is designed to solve the problems of firefighting, emergency assistance in disaster areas, search and rescue on water, sanitary and cargo transportation, as well as environmental monitoring. Today, the Be-200ChS aircraft is mass-produced in Taganrog.

In 2003, the Be-200ChS amphibious aircraft was certified by the IAC Aviation Register according to the AP-25 standards. In 2007, the type certificate was supplemented with an addendum allowing the use of the Be-200ChS for the transportation of 43 passengers over medium distances while basing on both airfields and water airports. In 2010, the European type certificate (EASA) was obtained. As we have earlier reported, the manufacturer will promote the multi-purpose Baikal in the markets of Asian countries.

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