A container from Europe to Japan transited through the RF for the first time

A container from Europe to Japan transited through the RF for the first time

Logistics company RZD Logistics successfully transported the first transit container from Europe to Japan through the Russian Federation, as stated on the multimodal transport operator’s website. This is the first return shipment after the shipments of Trans-Siberian LandBridge, which started in spring, from Japan and Korea to Europe through the Far East of Russia through the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The test 40-foot container, carrying mixed cargo, left Hamburg, Germany, for the Japanese port of Yokohama. The customer was freight forwarding company Nippon Express Co., Ltd. The route crossed the Małaszewicze-Brest border, then continued in Belarus and Russia to Vladivostok, from where the container was delivered by ship to its destination. The cargo traveled for 22 days, including 10 days on 1520 mm gauge rails.

The container was equipped with temperature, humidity and vibration sensors, to that the customer could be sure of the safety and quality of transportation through the Trans-Siberian Railway. Moreover, throughout the time of provision of the service, the customer was provided with detailed information on the location of the cargo. We would also like to remind that it was previously stated that Rosatom can become one of the leaders in the area of maritime transport.

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