There is demand for Russian rail wagons on the international market

There is demand for Russian rail wagons on the international market

Increasing exports of rail wagons will help domestic companies preserve and expand manufacturing capacity even as domestic orders are in decline. That is according to Stanislav Zolotarev, deputy CEO for government relations and prospective development at Altaivagon JSC, who gave an interview to “Gudok”.

He says that one can currently see high demand for Russian rail equipment both in the CIS and far-abroad countries. So, Altaivagon traditionally has been selling its products to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Baltic States, as well as to Ukraine (Ukrainian customers, for example, actively order gondola cars and petrochemical tank wagons).

A number of companies outside the former USSR are interested in gondola cars, tank wagons, and flat wagons manufactured in Russia. It should also be reminded that loading of production capacities due to international orders help NPK United Wagon Company ensure stability in the output of goods wagons. 

Stanislav Zolotarev estimates that the Russian wagons market is entering a period of decline that is going to be especially sharp in 2022–2023. Therefore, rail wagon manufacturers are going to see only limited orders. The situation is projected to begin to improve by 2025 only, and the market should fully recover in another four to five years.

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