Ecuador Expects to Retain the Scope of Banana Supply to Russia

Ecuador Expects to Retain the Scope of Banana Supply to Russia

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Ecuador seeks to continue banana export to Russia and plans to keep at least the current level of supply, comments Agrocalidad, the official Agriculture Quality Assurance Agency of the republic.

Ecuador is said to comply with the international standards for phytosanitary measures supervision for all the 78 banana supply destinations. Between 2014 and November 2019, the South American country exported 70 million tonnes of this fruit, over 7.8 million of which was shipped to Russia.

Agrocalidad emphasises in its statement that all the export phytosanitary certificates (a total of over 600,000) met the standards, and none of them bore notifications of Megaselia scalaris detection. Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance had earlier announced a possible limitation of import of plant products, including bananas, from Ecuador, due to the detection of this pest.

Last year, Russia imported about 1.5 million tonnes of bananas from Ecuador, which is 96% of the total volume of bananas import, according to the Federal Customs Service. Besides, it has been earlier reported that Russia is still the world’s biggest apples importer.

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