Electro-acoustic equipment will be promoted to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region

Electro-acoustic equipment will be promoted to the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region

The “Octava” plant, Russian developer and manufacturer of communication equipment, is expanding supplies to foreign markets, according to a Rostec report (the company is part of the state corporation). In particular, the first contract has been signed with a distributor in the United States, negotiations on cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region are underway.

According to experts, the outbreak of the “Octava” plant to independent export sales and distribution network development abroad last year increased the profit margin. The introduced new model – a b2b combination – direct sales and work through dealers – showed an increase in cash receipts from the sale of civilian products compared to the year before by 21 percent in relative indicators.

According to the results of 2018, the export of “Octava” studio microphones exceeds 47 percent of all Russian exports of musical instruments, and with a low percentage of total revenue, foreign deliveries showed an increase in absolute indicators. This year, “Octava” plans to develop a new market segment of vocal microphones. In addition, we would like to remind you about the new lighting equipment we reported on earlier, which is able to cope with a whole range of tasks.

This year, the level of support for the regions of the Russian Federation for the development of non-oil exports increased to three and a half billion rubles, or six times. At the same time, within the framework of the national export development project, the number of enterprises involved in foreign economic activity should at least double in size.

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