Export of Mineral Fertilisers to Latin America to Increase

Export of Mineral Fertilisers to Latin America to Increase

The Phosphorite Industrial Group has renovated its site in the Leningrad Region and increased the amount of agricultural sulfuric acid, orthophosphoric acid, and mineral fertilizers produced there, as the website of the Industrial Development Fund reports (the Group is a lendee to the Fund.) Almost all products will be exported to Latin America and the Baltic States.

It has been noted that the yearly output of sulfuric acid has grown from 1 million tonnes to 1,12 million tonnes, while that of orthophosphoric acid climbed from 400 thousand tonnes to 490 thousand tonnes, and the production capacity of nitrophosphates (MAP and DAP) increased by 30%—from 765 thousand tonnes to one million tonnes. The Group intends to supply 95% of the mineral fertilizers to Brazil, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus.

MAP and DAP are used as mineral fertilizers when seeding and feeding grain crops (oats, rye, wheat, barley, corn), beans (soybean), cereal grains (rice), and oil crops (sunflower, rapeseed). DAP also provides plants with adequate phosphorous nutrition, a starting dose of nitrogen, and a small amount of sulfur to fix the fertilizers.

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