Gas and Multifuel Burners to Be Exported

Gas and Multifuel Burners to Be Exported

A new gas and multifuel burners production has been launched in Nizhny Novgorod. The burners can be used in industrial water heaters, heating tanks and boilers, as the Industry Development Foundation reports on its website (the Nizhny Novgorod–based company Kaldera is a lendee to the Foundation). About 15% of products will be exported.

A new shop for production of gas and multifuel burners (with a capacity of 240 pieces per year) has been launched at the plant. The total budget of the project amounts to RUB 40 million. As reported by the manufacturer, the present Russian share in the market is 12%. After the shop’s reaching its full capacity, the share will increase to 20%.

According to the founder of Kaldera, their products have to analogues in Russia. Burners from Nizhny Novgorod have passed extensive tests and meet the necessary requirements to power saving and efficiency, which allows saying they are a new kind of Russian competitive devices.

The devices are intended for burning one or more types of fuel (gas, coal, fuel oil), thus heating the conductor (water or another fluid). The burners are used in industrial water heaters, heating tanks, boilers and utility heat generators as well as in the heating energy sector, water transportation, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, petroleum chemistry and other industries.

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