Gas is seen as the main development driver of Africa’s energy sector

Gas is seen as the main development driver of Africa’s energy sector

Natural gas may become a key element in Africa’s energy sector, as noted on GECF’s website after the organization’s summit held in Equatorial Guinea. This approach is in line with the concept of sustainable development of African countries.

GECF believes in the necessity to cooperate with the continent’s countries to use gas as the main energy source in their development programs and climate change policy, to overcome backwardness in the energy sector and support the fight against pollutant emissions.

Gas Exporting Countries Forum is an international intergovernmental organization which unites the global leaders in the export of gas. Its members include Algeria, Bolivia, Venezuela, Egypt, Iran, Qatar, Lybia, Malaysia, Nigeria, UAE, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Equatorial Guinea. Azerbaijan, Angola, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Oman and Peru are observers.

GECF members control about 73 percent of all proved natura gas reserves in the world; they produce 44 percent of natural gas and more than half of the global export of pipeline gas and LNG. This was the sixth summit of the organization, and the first to be held in Africa. The declaration approved following the summit, “Natural Gas: Energy for Sustainable Development” underlines the importance of this fuel for the continent’s economic development.

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