Kurganmashzavod is to find new markets for its products

Kurganmashzavod is to find new markets for its products

Over the next five years over RUB 1.2 billion is to be invested in the modernization of the casting facilities at Kurganmashzavod, according to a communique published on the Rostech website, citing the executive director of the corporation Oleg Evtushenko (Rostech has acquired the company this year).

The introduction of new technologies is expected to boost productivity and product quality while reducing production costs. Consequently, the production facility will become more competitive and will get new opportunities in the civilian products market. Deliveries of new equipment under the modernization project are to start next year, with the result that the production facility should double its output of civilian products, and specifically spare parts for all terrain vehicles.

Kurganmashzavod is one of Russia’s largest military industrial complex companies manufacturing infantry fighting vehicles, tracked all-terrain vehicles, logging industry machines, wheeled loaders, mini tractors, automotive trailer and equipment for the oil and gas industry. Earlier it was reported that the machine engineering sector is a key driver in non-raw materials exports.

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