Light Industry Products Meet International Standards

Light Industry Products Meet International Standards

As noted in the report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the results of the initial stage of international certification of Russian companies, light industry enterprises are able to offer competitive goods to consumers in foreign markets. Manufacturers who had an opportunity to pass the audit of the foreign certification centre earned appreciation of foreign experts.

The auditors visited 12 light industry enterprises. The participants of the programme held the first meetings with experts and received recommendations, which will allow enterprises to enter the international market and find foreign partners all over the world, thus increasing the export potential of their products and goods.

Within the programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, several Russian manufacturers will be audited by foreign experts from the International Apparel Federation (IAF) and Trigon Select Ltd. Following the audit outcome, the experts will prepare an individual plan for each company’s development and promotion in the foreign market, as well as determine their rating at the international level and provide recommendations for its improvement.

The programme will result in Russian manufacturers receiving IAF Unified International Certificates and their inclusion in the database of foreign enterprises, which will allow participants to directly establish business contacts, expand the range of international partners, conclude export contracts and make Russian products an internationally recognisable model of high quality.

This year, the projected growth in overseas supplies of Russian light industry products will amount to 2.74 percent. In value terms, exports of the Russian light industry goods should reach USD 0.5 billion. In particular, we have earlier reported about the demand for products of one of the Ivanovo Region textile enterprises in foreign markets.

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