Mongolia sees hundreds of pieces of agricultural equipment delivered in the past two years

Mongolia sees hundreds of pieces of agricultural equipment delivered in the past two years

In 2017-2018, two projects were implemented that involved supplying agricultural equipment to Mongolia, notes a memo from the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the results of a round table held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia to discuss the Russian-Mongolian Initiative in the agricultural industry. In total, Russia exported some 450 pieces of agricultural equipment to the neighboring country during the period in question.

As part of projects to offer Mongolian companies loans at reduced rates to buy Russian agricultural equipment, Mongolian companies received combine harvesters, feed preparation and grain processing machines, hauled spraying machines, and equipment for the post-harvest grain treatment, drying, and storage. Participants in the program included many leading Russian manufacturers of agricultural equipment, such as Rostselmash, Clever, Veles, Omsk Experimental Plant, Kazanselmash, Voronezhselmash.

Russian agricultural equipment helped Mongolia implement their Virgin Soil-3 program, which aims to promote agriculture in Mongolia. With their help, over one million hectares of land were cultivated last year alone. The culture of land cultivation is developing in Mongolia with every passing year. As such, local agricultural companies need modern high-performance agricultural equipment and machinery, the article points out.

It was previously reported that Russian combine harvesters currently make up about 15% of the global market while Russian high-power tractors account for up to 25% of the global market. Russia exports equipment primarily to the CIS, the EU, Mongolia, and Canada. Last year, Russian agricultural equipment manufacturers sold their products to 35 countries. The global market for agricultural robots is also projected to grow rapidly.

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