More MDF slabs are expected to be exported on the foreign markets

More MDF slabs are expected to be exported on the foreign markets

A new lumber processing company in Altai Krai exported its first batch of MDF slabs, according to Export shipments began two months ago after a test launch of a new facility in Pavlovsk.

The first batches of lumber slabs were shipped to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. MDF and HDF slabs will soon be exported to other countries, as well. The company’s negotiating with prospective foreign customers.

Around RUB 6 billion has been invested in production. The company will use high-quality imported equipment to manufacture slabs between 2.5 and 40 mm in thickness at a rate of 250,000 m3 per year with an E1 emission class ensuring, product safety and sound physical properties.

It is reported that the Altai facility is designed to process only low-grade lumber, chips, sawdust, and felling waste. This closes the lumber production and processing cycle, making it completely waste-free. It was previously reported that exports of deep-processed lumber products from Vologda Oblast reached USD 521 million last year.

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