New Russian Parachute to Give Chance to Survive a Skyscraper Jump

New Russian Parachute to Give Chance to Survive a Skyscraper Jump

The Technodinamika Holding has launched its emergency rescue system “Chance” into serial production. The system is designed to evacuate people from high-rise buildings, as the website of the Rostec State Corporation reports (the Holding is part of the State Corporation). The unique parachute allows untrained people to descent from the hight of a standard nine-storied building, i.e. from 33 meters and higher.

According to Oleg Evtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec, the system is the first of the kind worldwide. Its key feature is that it allows descending from low heights, where conventional parachutes cannot function. “Chance” does not require any special skills to be operated since the parachute breaks out at the right altitude by itself.

The system includes the following: a harness pack, three canopies to maintain the set rate of descent, and an anchor line to secure side wing closure and canopy extraction. The harness can be adjusted to the height and build of the user, which provides maximum safety when parachuting.

The parachute uses modern materials, including nylon fibre–based fabric with low porosity. The design of “Chance” has incorporated a number of advanced solutions, that keep its canopy from folding when in contact with a building. It was also previously reported that the new battery charger designed by the Rostec State Corporation can easily be integrated with the urban layout.

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