The new Russian all-terrain vehicle has large export potential

The new Russian all-terrain vehicle has large export potential

The universal tracked all-terrain amphibious Terranica Dreamtrack, manufactured by the Schwabe holding company, may be in demand among foreign customers the press service of Rostec said (the holding company is part of the state corporation). Negotiations are already underway with potential dealers from the CIS and Europe – Austria, Croatia and Poland in particular.

The main difference between the all-terrain vehicle assembled at the Sapphire Moscow plant from the majority of similar machines is the ability to control the vehicle with the typical steering wheel and pedals, as well as an automatic transmission (almost like an ordinary passenger car). Such all-terrain vehicles are not difficult to manage even for an inexperienced driver.

The amphibious vehicle travels at speeds up to 80 km/h on land and up to 5 km/h in water. The caterpillar all-terrain vehicle is ideal for transporting lifeguards over difficult terrain. The novelty will appeal to extreme tourism fans, companies in the oil and gas, energy, construction and environmental sectors, as well as emergency medical services.

Currently, a plan is being developed to set up assembly for the machine – a capabilities assessment, premises selection, determination of the main component suppliers and preparation of exhibition samples. Let us also recall that it was previously reported that specialized Russian “Shamans” will enter the UAE market.

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