Nicaragua is ready to buy new Russian SUVs UAZ Patriot

Nicaragua is ready to buy new Russian SUVs UAZ Patriot

Russian automotive company Sollers plans to start expansion to the Central American market. In the near future, deliveries of UAZ Patriot to Nicaragua can begin, according to RIA Novosti quoting the Russian trade representative in Nicaragua and its source in Sollers.

According to the trade representative, the Patriot is in demand in Nicaragua thanks to its attractive price/performance ratio, and to its exceptional off-road capabilities. In turn, the representative of Sollers said that they are to ship an upgraded version of UAZ Patriot.  The specific plan for deliveries and their volumes will become apparent in the second half of June after the visit of Group representatives to this Latin American state.

At present, the Russian auto giant is looking for a partner to promote its products both in Nicaragua and in the neighboring markets of the region. As is known, the Sollers group combines the own plant assets (Sollers – Far East), the Ulyanovsk Automobile Works, Zavolzhye Motor Works and a number of joint ventures with Ford, Mazda, Mitsui, Isuzu. It is also to be recalled that Russian automakers are going to revive the legendary Soviet SUV as allusive version.

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