Russia Started Operation of its Most High-Powered Diesel Locomotive

Russia Started Operation of its Most High-Powered Diesel Locomotive

As the Transmashholding Press Service reports, new mainline diesel locomotives 3ТE25К2М have been presented in operation in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The locomotives were manufactured by the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant (part of Transmashholding). The local motive power depot hosted 12 units of the model. It is planned that 40 new type locomotives will be delivered to the Far Eastern Railway this year, with the same number of units expected next year.

Today, 3ТE25К2М is the most powerful diesel locomotive that can be operated in the 1,520 mm gauge (indicated efficiency of the diesel engine in three units amounts to 9,300 kW or 12,648 HP). The engine of the 3ТE25К2М locomotive has a power margin for operation at low temperatures and in highlands. It is also fitted with an individual microprocessor-based control system.

The design of the model includes advanced equipment and units that allow increasing the technical and economic performance of the machine, which is vital for operation in adverse climatic conditions. The locomotive engineered by the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant can haul trains weighing up to 7,1 thousand tonnes. For comparison, the present tonnage rating of trains fitted with old locomotives does not exceed 5.6 thousand tonnes.

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