Russia to develop unmanned cross-country vehicle for Arctic

Russia to develop unmanned cross-country vehicle for Arctic

Russia’s Tractor Plants corporation plans to make the TM-140A Arctic cross-country vehicle unmanned for carrying goods in the Extreme North without man’s involvement, Albert Bakov, the corporation’s first vice president and co-owner, told on Wednesday.

 “We seek to reach such a level at which five vehicles, arranged in a caravan, by using the GLONASS system could deliver goods from one point to another by a preset route without man’s involvement, i.e. fully automatically,” Bakov said.

According to him, man would be involved only in servicing such unmanned vehicles. “Maybe, one or two men or so would service the vehicles in case they break down, but at all events we’d like to do without crews,” he added.

The TM-140A floating tracked vehicle is designed for transportation in a harsh Arctic climate and across difficult terrain as well as for operations in off-road conditions and on snow-covered and swampy areas. The vehicle can be fitted with bullet-resistant protection and a remotely controlled stand-alone machinegun mount.


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