Russian-Asian Forum 2017 to be held in South-East Asia

Russian-Asian Forum 2017 to be held in South-East Asia

Representatives of the Russian-Asian Forum will hold a series of negotiations on cooperation during the 25th Vietnamese International Industrial Forum (VIIF 2016), which will take place in Hanoi between 17th and 20th of October. The event, organized by the government of Vietnam, is one of the largest exhibitions held in Asia, bringing together hundreds of participating companies from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia and other countries.

The forum organizers are currently studying the opportunities available on the regional market and the offerings of local manufacturing companies; giving consideration to Vietnam as a potential venue for the Russian-Asian Forum in 2017 with representatives of the business community of South-East Asia.

The Russian-Asian Forum opens a bilateral discussion about ongoing cooperation between Russia and Asian countries, helping to establish direct interaction between representatives of companies, state organizations as well as the banking and investment sectors.

Russia’s electronic export trading platform B2B-EXPORT.COM was also represented at the VIIF 2016 exhibition. B2B-EXPORT.COM helps foreign companies to get fast and direct access for online purchases of goods from Russia.

In recent years, Vietnam has become one of Russia’s key partners in Asia; with economic cooperation between the two countries being of a strategic nature. An additional driver of the cooperation between Russia and Vietnam is the agreement of a free trade area for trading between Vietnam and the Eurasian Economic Union, which has already been ratified by the State Duma. It is expected that this will be ratified by the parliaments of other Eurasian Economic Union states in the nearest future. Preparation of new projects and the implementation of existing agreements is underway in the oil and gas sector, the electrical energy industry, the space industry, machine-building, car manufacturing, the mining sector, the IT sector, the food industry, pharmaceutical production as well as civil shipbuilding.

It has been noted that there is a trend towards greater interest from major Russian companies; as well as representatives of small and medium businesses; in searching for opportunities for serving new niche markets within South East Asia. In this respect, Vietnam might become a convenient venue for the promotion of Russian goods and services within ASEAN. Vietnam has become the second most attractive Asian state for foreign direct investment, after China.

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