Russian experts prepare to launch Angola’s first satellite

Russian experts prepare to launch Angola’s first satellite

Angola’s pioneer satellite is being developed by Aviation Electronics and Communication Systems (AVECS), the production company that is part of KRET. The Angolan delegation has reviewed the implementation plan of the AngoSat programme and delegation members noted the high quality of equipment they were shown, as well as the inventiveness of a whole range of technical solutions, according to KRET press service.

The AngoSat satellite system project includes the full range of activities required for the creation of a communicasting space vehicle for Angola. When the central African country acquires its own first geostationary (circular orbit) satellite, the quality of its communication services, internet, radio, and television will reach a qualitatively new level. The AngoSat satellite is scheduled for launch in the second half of next year. The option of using an Angara heavy lift launch vehicle is currently being reviewed in order to get the system into the orbit.

AVECS has extensive experience in international cooperation for the development of a range of space vehicle equipment. Among recent projects was the equipment for the regulation and control of the EgyptSat-2 satellite designed for remote sensing of planet Earth.

Meanwhile, South-East Asian countries are showing a keen interest in Russian space technologies.


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