Russian Online Food Sales on the Rise

Russian Online Food Sales on the Rise

Data from February has shown that Russia’s fastest growing trade segment were online sales of foodstuffs, Izvestia said, referencing expert data and assessments of the country’s largest retailers. Sources mention that amid the coronavirus pandemic, revenues of online shops increased by 24% in February, year-on-year.

According to E-Commerce Russia, the share of foodstuffs in the Russian e-commerce sector is currently under 3% of all sales. Its monthly growth, however, was at around 5% in 2019.

Last year, the volume of the Russian e-commerce market in monetary terms was at USD 16.3 billion, a 58% increase year-on-year. The total number of online purchases was around 375 million orders (66% up), and the average purchase value decreased by 12%, down to 2.6 thousand rubles.

Apart from e-commerce, other leaders in terms of sales growth were e-learning (20% increase in sales) and pet food (15%). It has also been announced that imports of chemical products into Russia were 13.2% up and totalled USD 2.82 billion.

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