The new “urbanite” Lada 4×4 in high demand

The new “urbanite” Lada 4×4 in high demand

As reported by the Press Service of AvtoVAZ, the automotive giant has decided to move the assembly of Lada 4×4 Urban from a small-scale process area to the main conveyor to build up the production in view of increased demand for the new model. Initially, it was planned to produce 5,000 upgraded Ladas 4×4 Urban.

Since its launch in November last year, more than 700 “urbanistic” all-wheel-drive VAZ SUVs have been sold. In addition to the above, the dealer sales plans for May are already fully prepared and orders are being accepted for the first summer month (Lada 4×4 Urban costs RUB448,000 and the standard Lada 4×4 costs RUB405,000 ($7600)).

The decision to develop the original Urban package of the legendary domestic all-terrain vehicle was made after customer research which showed Lada 4×4 is very popular in towns and cities. For this reason, the AvtoVAZ developers added some urban-type features to the SUV, like power packs, alloy wheels, air conditioning (was stocked for the classic Lada 4×4 first), plastic bumpers in body color, and the metallic body color.

Lada 4×4 is the most popular off-road car in Russia to be exported abroad heavily. Also, it is to be recalled that AvtoVAZ has announced its plans to increase exports to the CIS and other countries, including Nicaragua, Peru, Egypt and Tunisia.

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