The Republic of South Africa is Interested in Russia’s IT Experience

The Republic of South Africa is Interested in Russia’s IT Experience

The Republic of South Africa is ready to establish cooperation with Russia for IT services, in particular, for telemedicine, reports Yugra’s press center following the meeting between the Head of the Region Natalia Komarova and the Minister for Public Service and Administration of the Republic of South Africa Faith Muthambi, and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of RSA to Russia Henry William Short.

According to Faith Muthambi, Russia’s practical knowledge of telemedicine is quite useful to her country considering its vast distances, and situations where it is problematic for patients to visit a doctor or even a nurse. Last year, the RSA delegation supported the establishment of the International Telemedicine Community of BRICS Countries. It is expected that such joint telemedicine systems will be developed in particular regions of the pilot countries, with the intention to further scale them at the domestic level.

Energy and the sharing of the best cultural and tourism practices were named among other promising areas of cooperation between the RSA and Yugra. Today, the external turnover of the region and RSA amounts to just 130,000 USD. The main retaliatory deterrent remains the vast distances experienced as end points in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

But, as Natalia Komarova stressed, the differences in our cultures and climate patterns open up wider horizons for the development of tourism, especially now that visas are no longer needed. Also worthy of note is another Russian region, Tyumen’s,  readiness to enter into hi-tech cooperation with another BRICS country – India.

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